Lama Zahreddine

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +971 6 572 9000 (Ext.1822)

Lama Zahreddine
Junior Environmental & Sustainability Officer

Lama Zahreddine is a Junior Environmental & Sustainability Officer in Bee’ah’s Environmental Consultancy and Services unit. Possessing outstanding skills in strategic planning, human resource management and relationship-building, and with over three years of experience in Project Management, Sustainability Reporting and Environmental Consultancy in the UAE, Lama has overseen a comprehensive suite of activities related to reducing environmental impacts.

Adept at analytical thinking, Lama’s key strengths include conducting environmental monitoring, reporting, problem solving, and other activities related to environmental studies such as Air Quality, EIA and ERA for various industries. Enthusiastic and driven to make a difference to the environment, Lama has been responsible for coordinating ideas and strategies, and has assisted in developing quotations, financial transactions, waste disposal permits, customer relations and internal sales. Lama has also been responsible for completing required forms and documents for environmental sustainability reporting of Bee’ah’s operations.

Lama holds a BSc in Environmental Health, from the University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Lama has also received training on Global Reporting Initiative “GRI4” for CSR and Sustainability Reporting.