Hashem Stietiya

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Dr. Hashem Stietiya
Head of Environmental Consulting

Dr. Hashem Stietiya is the Head of Environmental Consulting at Bee’ah’s Environmental Consultancy and Services unit. Over his 18 years of experience, he has demonstrated his passion for reducing environmental pollution and promoting a healthier environment.

In his career as an environmental consultant and a university professor, Dr. Stietiya has worked as an industry expert in more than 12 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. His core areas of expertise include Environmental Contamination, Air Emissions Monitoring, and Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment. His rich expertise also extends to Environmental Auditing, HSSE Regulations in the Middle East and North Africa, Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Monitoring Plans etc.

As a veteran environmentalist and researcher, Dr. Stietiya’s key scientific articles include investigations into environmental problems and attempts to find sustainable solutions. His experience in environmental management in the Middle East makes him instrumental to the process of understanding the needs of clients at Bee’ah, and accomplishing them through scientifically established methodologies.

Before starting his career at Bee’ah, Dr. Stietiya held a variety of leadership and senior technical roles at environmental consultancy companies across the region, during which time he managed and supported a team of professionals to carry out a vast array of innovative assignments. His in-depth experience and resourceful know-how in environmental consultancy has led him to spearhead major projects in the past and present. Some of these affluent projects include Soil Survey Classification and Land Use Specification (2001 – 2005), Industrial Water Vulnerability Assessment for global beverage plants in the Middle East (2010-2013), HSSE Regulatory Program for Middle East (2010-2014), Relative Accuracy Test Audits for oil and gas companies (2014-2016), Marine Remediation of Drilling Slurry Spillage in Arabian Gulf seawater (2014), and others.

Hashem Stietiya holds a PhD Degree in Environmental Soil Chemistry from Louisiana State University. He has written and co-authored numerous books & articles on varied subjects related to environmental topics including soil atlas, nano particles, sludge/metals, soil remediation and many more. In 2012, the University of Jordan honoured him with the ‘Distinguished Researchers Award’. His work as a visiting scientist at the School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences at Louisiana State University - USA has also been highly commended.